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Hair growth repair

It has been helpful with hair restoration and hair growth by reducing hair fallout. I'm not sure that my hair is any thicker but it is certainly healthier. Maybe now its healthier it might thicken up, I live with the hope that it will.

Great product

It’s lovely shampoo and conditioner, I believed it has slowed hair fall but no new regrowth after 2 bottles of each. I like the product and will continue to use. The conditioner is not easy to squeeze from the bottle and I leave my bottles upside down to help it along. It’s an expensive products bigger bottles may be an option? I would recommend this product.

The best product

I love the shampoo and conditioner I will be re-ordering I wish they had it in bigger bottles

Great product!

Using it for a couple of months now. Very happy. Not losing hair unlike other shampoos. I can recommend this product to anyone who has thin baby fine hair! And I'm not get paid to say this!

Love it!!

Gives my hair so much body and looks thicker and healthy. I have coloured hair and it still keeps the colour .

Great product

I had alopecia and tellogen effiluvium and my hair has grown back and feels thicker pre alopecia. My hair feels in really good condition now and still love using it.

Great Product

My hair feels thicker & softer & I’m not losing so much. Feeling confident using this product & would definitely recommend it!

Excellent product

Shampoo and conditioner does everything as advertised.In just a couple of weeks thicker hair and less hair loss .Very happy will buy again. .

Hair Growth Shampoo
Deborah Sugden
Luscious Locks

Hair Hack makes my hair fuller, invokes my natural curls and basically does what it says it will do

Feels Good

I bought this product 2 and a half months ago. It smells nice and my scalp feels good after I've washed my hair but as yet I haven't noticed any difference with hair growth or hair thickness and that's why I bought this product. Maybe it will be more effective after using it for 6 months or more.

Best shampoo & conditioner

After trying many natural Australian shampoo & conditioner, Hair Hack Is the best for my hair leaving it soft but manageable. I Have being using these products for about 6 months and my thinning hair is much improved, also much less hair fall. Will continue to use, would highly recommend Hair Hack and really like that the packaging is earth friendly, big tick

Shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner How long does it take before I receive this product I would like to try

good stuff

good stuff works very well and will use again


I supper from alopecia and my hair has started to grow back very happy

Great Product

It does exactly what it says! It gives me thicker & fuller hair it’s as simple as that!


I love this product, help me grow my hair ... Very useful ...highly recommend

Lovely shampoo and conditioner

Bought several times. Smells good. Dont need to use a lot. Just lovely.


Makes my hair thicker when I blow dry it but other then that I'm still waiting

It's working!

Hair Hack is working! My hair was so thin even the hair dresser felt sorry for me. She suggested a brand which I tried but I quickly realised it was full on with chemicals and it was only the mousse that made my hair "appear" thicker. I've always had very fine hair so you can imagine that at the age of 68 just how fine and thin it had become; it was depressing. I'm onto my second lot and now I can see new hair growth all over; my hair smells and feels lovely and I'm smiling when I look in the mirror. Hair Hack is the best. Thank you, you're Aussie champions!

Hairhack review

When I'm actually washing my hair, it feels thicker, but other than that I have noticed no change. I find it hard to squeeze the shampoo and conditioner out from their containers, which I do not like.

Hair Hack !

Definitely need the Conditioner .

Love these products will order again

In a short amount of time using this product my hair stopped falling out very impressed

Brilliant so far

I've almost used one set of shampoo and conditioner and love how clean and fresh my hair feels. I can't say there is extra growth just yet, but it feels lovely. I've just ordered the twin pack of both so I'll check in later if there is obvious new growth.

Thicker, fuller, healthier!

I have been using the shampoo and conditioner every second day for over a year now. I had very fine thinning hair. I have struggled to find a natural shampoo and conditioner that just works this well, and one that doesn’t leave me with greasy hair. The commercial shampoo and conditioners have Dimethicone in them which makes my scalp itch and hair fall out, I also found this in some of the so called natural products. I loved the Hair Hack shampoo and conditioner on the very first use, I love the smell and the way it felt on my scalp. I didn’t get the instant thicker, fuller hair but after about 6 months, I noticed the improvement in body, thickness and fullness. My hair feels clean and healthy and fuller, and no itchy scalp. My husband is now using it too! Thank you Hair Hack for a great product!