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Thicker, fuller, healthier!

I have been using the shampoo and conditioner every second day for over a year now. I had very fine thinning hair. I have struggled to find a natural shampoo and conditioner that just works this well, and one that doesn’t leave me with greasy hair. The commercial shampoo and conditioners have Dimethicone in them which makes my scalp itch and hair fall out, I also found this in some of the so called natural products. I loved the Hair Hack shampoo and conditioner on the very first use, I love the smell and the way it felt on my scalp. I didn’t get the instant thicker, fuller hair but after about 6 months, I noticed the improvement in body, thickness and fullness. My hair feels clean and healthy and fuller, and no itchy scalp. My husband is now using it too! Thank you Hair Hack for a great product!

I’ve only been using the shampoo and conditioner for a short while so not sure about hair growth but my hair certainly looks thicker and healthier than it did before using these products.

Loving these products

Loving these 2 products. The shampoo is refreshing & slightly tingling, feels sooo good on my scalp (I feel I never want wash it off!!) The conditioner is lovely leave my hair feeling slightly thicker & my scalp refreshed. I have noticed a improvement in my very thin hair.

After chemo

I've not used this yet...just wondering if anyone has had any good results using after chemotherapy in hair return

Hair Growth Shampoo
Maria Yelash

I’ve used the product 4 times now, and my hair feels so clean, light, smells amazing, and my natural curls are super curly! Usually with shampoos my hair doesn’t go this curly.... I haven’t noticed thickness yet but I will trial this for a minimum of 6 months to see if it does go thicker. I must admit my hair hasn’t been itchy (I get dandruff), and my colour not stripped or discoloured (I colour blonde). So far, so good. Hairdresser recommended it. Fingers crossed to thicker hair in the next few months! So far love it x

Hair Growth Shampoo
Lucilla Morgan

Great product. Very happy with the results.

Aussie product preferred

I had previously purchased this product as I like that it’s Australian and natural, and there was a great promotion at the time. My son’s hair was looking thinner recently so I decided to purchase again. This time I will make sure he’s more consistent with use, he does have new hair growing so I hope his hair becomes fuller over time

Lots of new growth, no breakage . really helping with hair loss. Try the product you wont be disappointed.

Value for money

So I have been using it for about 2 months and I noticed my hair is less losing when I wash hair. And after washing hair, I felt my scalp is more fresh and cooler which is good. I think this product is worth of try, maybe can give better result if continue to use.


While I loved the shampoo and conditioner, sadly I’m gone back on chemo so cannot say if this works as stated


Tried it out, it growth working slow through, the hairs might need a bit longer time to grow.

Worth a second purchase

I have followed the instructions carefully and I feel that my hair has improved a little in fullness. I hope by continuing the Hair Hack treatment that this will make my very thin fine hair get more body.

Makes My Scalp Tingle

I am rapt with my shampoos they always make my scalp tingle and when you finish off with the matching conditioner its like a whole new scalp. It is warmed up and feeling much more alive. Leaves my hair nice and i am seeing lovely new growth in areas that were sparse. Due to aging process and hair going white it took me awhile to see the new growth

I'm so happy with my shampoo and conditioner .

So far everything is going fine I love the shampoo and the conditioner , my hair definitely seem thicker although it has grown in length so that also makes it appear thicker. Since using Hair Hack my hair seems a lot stronger

Previous alopecia hair loss

My hair has never recovered following this situation. My hair is fine and thin. I have tried many products none worked even tried medication, but had side effects. I thought why not try hair hack, and I'm surprised after 6 weeks I think it's working. I'm also using a hair tonic and combined I think I'm starting to feel somewhat normal . Thanks hair hack. I recommend it and will continue to use it.


The products really works and I am very happy with it. Will definitely continue to order this products again.

Hair Growth Shampoo
Caryn Chia Lyn Yeap
Great product

Great shampoo. Have been enjoyed using it.

Thinning hair

I have high hopes these products will strengthen and thicken my hair and stop hair loss.

The product has been really good help with my hair growth and has stopped my hair from falling out. I highly recommend the shampoo and condition. I am very happy and will order again.

Hair Loss

I originally ordered HairHack to see if it would stop my hair falling out every time I brushed it. I've only been using the shampoo and conditioner a short time but I have noticed there is hardly any hair in the brush and it's looking much healthier and shiny. I have great hopes it will thicken in the future.

Happy customer!

I am happy with my purchase. Have tried other shampoos that have promised thicker, fuller hair that have failed to deliver on their promise. I am seeing less hair loss and my hair is looking shiny and healthy.

Product that delivers!!

I've been using hairhack for more than a month now, and never been happier with the results, my hair becomes stronger and healthier, less breakage and less falling hair in the shower!! I have super fine hair and waiting for new hair to grow, I'm excited! Finally a product that really delivers!!! One new happy customer here. Just purchased again, this time bought the twin pack!


Its amazing leaves your hair soft and full colour protection and thickens your hair where it needs to


I am very dissapointed in the product as I feel and see no difference in my hair.I am still using it as I don't want to waste my money .I will not purchase this prodcvt again and sorry to say,I will not be reccomending it to my friends or family

have new growth

regrowth in front