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It really does work! Highly recommend.

Shampoo and conditioner

I have found that my hair has thickened and improved since using these products

Love this product

I have been experiencing hair loss over the last 18months. I’ve been using this product for 8 weeks and my hair loss is minimal, it’s filled out and grown about 2 inches.

I also use a hair scrub and growth serum but the combination with the shampoo and conditioner really work

Great stuff

Awsome shampoo and Conditioner That Really helps your hair Grow and Thicken my Hair hasn't looked this Great in a long time I'll stick to this Product now Thanks .....

my favorite

I love this shampoo & conditioner - it makes your hair appear thicker after a wash, as well as slick and shiny. It tames my frizzy hair nicely, something no other shampoo can do. A bit pricey for me to buy all the time, but it's a nice treat.

Great products

Started using shampoo a few months ago as hair very thin.. My hair seems fuller with new growth now all over. Family members have commented on how full my hair is looking👌👌
Love your products. Have recommended to friends..Am also loving conditioner that I started using last month.

Great product that works

Great stuff

Great product even for men... used
on a Regular basis hair does thicken up and grows better ....

Fantastic shampoo has helped me hair +++ over the last year or so

Great product with the shampoo combo

Shampoo and conditioner

Been using for a while. Great results.
Have referred several friends and work buddies who say the same thing. Great products.
Hmmm…..must be time for a spitters fee 🤣

Love your product. My hair seems fuller with new growth at the front where hair was a bit sparse.

Have been using this for quite some months, nice smelling shampoo and do like it but need try something else new.

Truly a good shampoo, after having loss of hair and trying different shampoos recommended by a specialistI with no results. I started searching for a science approach, I eventually found this shampoo and started using it two years ago. The results were slow but positive and now my hair is thicker and growing faster and I no longer have an itchy scalp the shampoo leaves my hair soft and shiny.
I don’t need to use conditioner with this shampoo.

Makes my hair feel very healthy smells beautiful

Luv this stuff smells so clean

Great product

I have been using hair hack since 2020 my hair is fine and was diagnosed twice with male pattern baldness hair hack has given me back my hair I am so thankful so thank you hair hack.

Intense Growth Pack
Ronald Sanchez
Happy with the product

I’m happy with both shampoo and conditioner so far. My scalp is healthier and I’ve noticed some hair growing. :)

Hair growth hope

Hair feels and looks lovely but there is no sign of new growth.