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Beautiful shampoo and conditioner

Really love this product. It makes my hair and scalp feel really clean with a scent of peppermint.

Great product

Makes my hair feel softer than ever before, after only 1 month, waiting to see hair growth results with time. I wish the bottles were bigger though.

Intense Growth Pack
Stephen Simmins
Hair Hack Treatment

Too soon to really say if it is working...

my mother recently passed away and during that period of time I stopped using the product due to the hectic nature of what was going on..

I have just started using it again..

I thought that I had been seeing an improvement, I have very fine hair and it seemed to be thickening a little & it definately feels stronger...

I had used roacutane a specialist acne treatment which can thin the hair and cause it to weaken and snap. This side effect is said to not be permanent. But I hadn't known about it when I started using the treatment.

Needless to say I have stopped taking that medication and am hoping my hair will return to how it was preciously... particularly with the help of Hair Hack.

One thing I have found is that when I use the Hair Hack shampoo & conditioner I have to be very carefull when massaging my scalp & hair.. as because my hair is so fine I find that I can accidently create knots in it while massaging the product into my scalp and hair.. also these knots are sometimes impossible to pull apart and have to be cut out..

This happened today my first day back using the product after a lengthy break during my mothers illness. While I had to cut the knot out in the end..I first tried to pull the knot apart and seperate the strands.. & what I found is thay my hair appears to be a lot stronger then it was previously so obviously the Hair Hack treatment has already had some positive effect on the strength & health of my hair strands which previously were weak and snapped easily and a lot..

Hopefully with regular use my hair will become healthy again and grow long like it used to..

Thank you Hair Hack..

I will continue using your product and see how it improves with time.. I just have to be careful with those knots..

Used for almost 2 months, seems good

A set goes a long way, and it seems to promote hair growth.

Intense Growth Pack
daniel Wong
Best hair grow product i had never seen

I tried it almost 30 days

and my hair getting thicker and shine

highly recommended!

7 weeks use, so far

I am loving these products and am having improved results. My hair has changed from scraggy to soft, healthy and almost beautiful. I'm confident that I'll get continued improvement. I'm rapt.

Really nice product

I bought the shampoo and conditioner and have been using them for 50 days now. Both products arrived in good time and were well packaged. I don't expect miracles and cant testify how effective they were to prevent hair loss, but they were nice for my fine knotty hair and I have had many compliments on my soft and shiny hair. Because my hair was so soft after the shower there was less hair torn out of my head when combing! I would definitely recommend. Many thanks!

Happy my hair is back

I am really happy with results as I was having unexplained hair lose. My hairdresser has even commented on my healthier, fuller gair

Happy with the results

Have been using the product for the last 50 days and have already purchased more. I don't want to ever run out. My hair loss is greatly reduced and I can see my part getting thinner, not wider as it was before. I have new growth happening and my hair is in great condition. Love this product.


I have used similar products over the years and only having purchased this product recently I have been very pleased with the results, it maintains moisture levels, shine and manageability and is safe for color treated hair. I would recommend this product to anyone who has thinning, fine hair and who is looking for value for money.


I am loving this shampoo and conditioner.
It's just the right amount of cleanse, without being drying at all. The wheat protein in it gives my fine hair some needed strength.
It's definitely a favourite of mine.


My hair had begun to fall out and was becoming thin, but since using Hair Hack, it has stopped falling out and is glossy and healthy looking. Great smell also. I have new growth around my hair liner and hair feels thicker.

So far so good

Ive been using the shampoo and conditioner combo for 2 months now and i have seen some change. My hair has stop breaking off abit and seems like there are new growth happening also. I will continue to use it as i can see some very positive outcomes so far, will be buying another pack real soon. Give it a go guys what more can you lose.

Happy Hair and Scalp

Since using Hair Hack for the last 50 days I noticed after about two weeks of daily use that my itchy, burning, flakey scalp cleared up. I used to use expensive natural shampoos and doctors prescriptions for limited relief, but since using Hair Hack I haven't needed the lotions and potions. Hair Hack is expensive, but the results have been impressive. My hair is not falling out anymore either. I am 53 and have thinning hair and now it is healthier than before. The light weight, refreshing formula feels like a great remedy for hair and scalp problems. I have tried many shampoo formulas and this one has been the best so far. Great work Much Thanks. Very Happy.

Awsome stuff!!

I have been using hair hack shampoo and conditioner for about a month now and i find that my hair is no where near as oily as it was. I've tried many other oily & fine hair products and so far this is the best. I definately recommend but as far as hair growth and falling out, it's too soon to tell. I am definitely ordering more of this product. Thanks


The shampoo and conditioner combo has improved hair fallout to almost nil, and it gives my scalp a great cleanse whilst keeping my hair clean and silky to the touch. First time using a specialized regime and I am more than happy with the higher spend. I bought two sets and have yet to open the second box - it goes a long way.

Great Products

Love the product
I rarely need to use additional products in my hair now. Definitely will be a returning customer

Might work this time round

Just started to use the products, has noticed a slight improvement, probably keep using for a few more weeks before making further comments

Great products

My hair seems to grow. I’ve never been able to grow my hair the length it is now. Would have liked them to have a special treatment products available as my hair is very dry after using the products for few weeks. My hair is very fine and thin. Breakable too. Would you be making an treatment products in the future?

This product works :)

I have noticed a difference in strength & thickness in my hair and will definitely continue to use this product!


I love the smell of this shampoo. It leaves a fresh feeling and I know it’s good for my hair, just by the feel. Healthy hair is so important and yours creates that.

Intense Growth Pack
John Brooks
Great product

Have been using this product for a couple of months and have noticed a difference in the feel of my hair

Intense Growth Pack
Jeanette Bromfield
Noticeable difference

I have noticed a remarkable difference in my hair since starting this product. My hair was noticeably thinning around my hairline. Strongly recommend you use this product if your hair is thinning.

Easy to Use & effective

very happy to use this product ,it's easy to use and got effective result also.

Very happy , noticeable difference in my hair. Will continue to use this great product.