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Hair regrowth

Hi I am enjoying this product the smell is amazing there has been a slight improvement in the thickness of my hair I will continue to use for continued improvement.

Gentle shampoo that reduces hair loss

This shampoo is so far the most gentle yet effective shampoo I have tried. I seem to loose less hair. I am anxious to switch back to my old shampoo. Works for me.

Love the products

The more I use Hair Hack the thicker my hair becomes, my hairdresser is quite impressed with how effective the products are

Healthy Hair

I have been using this hair shampoo to help hair regrow for the last two years. Having itchy scalp and loss of hair, I tried everything even saw a skin specialist, nothing helped. Since I have used the shampoo my hair started to grow back and it eased the itching considerably. The shampoo certainly has helped and leaves my hair soft and shiny, I don’t even need to use conditioner.

Hair is Back2

Photos below shows before (Nov 2021) and after (Apr 2022)
Product had helped with new hair growth.

Hair is Back

I can see new hair growth on my husband after a month of use. It has been 4 months now and I can see more hair growth. I am using as well and I like the look and feel of my hair. Will order again.

Review on Hair Hack Shampoo Conditioner twin pack

I have been diagnosed with FFA (Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia) and I find that this product gives my head a cooling sensation when I use it which has been making the condition easier to deal with. Thank-you for developing this product.

Good shampoo

Gentle shampoo and conditioner. Very good qualitt

Great product

I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner for about 3 months in combination with hair growth supplements and are seeing results. I like how natural this product is compared with other hair treatments.

Great service

Fast postage, unfortunately no change to my hair and still losing hair.

Mel Jane

I have been using HH for approx 5-6 weeks, so far I have noticed baby hair regrowth around my
hairline. I like the fact the product is more natural
than other hair stimulating growth products. Will definitely continue using it and see what happens. I am post meno resulting in hormonal slight thinning.

Rosie Meardi

These HairHack shampoo and conditioner is the best, my hair is not falling much as before and is looking healthier and shinny, I re ordered again.

Hair loss

I’ve only just started to use it and so far it’s great I’m hoping in the long run it will thicken my fine hair up and it grows mm

Not sure if it has helped with hair loss but my hair has not been as frizzy as if was would like to keep trying as different for everyone and don’t want to give up just yet

Great product.

Great stuff, my hair is getting there.

Happy customer

I have naturally grey hair it has never looked so healthy as it does since using the hair hack shampoo and conditioner. My hair is thick soft and shiny. I get lots of compliments on my hair and I’m happy to spread the word what a great product it is. It’s very reasonably priced and it smells great. I do still lose a lot of hair but the hormonal baby hairs around my hairline are definitely getting longer. I could not promote it enough. I will definitely purchase more of this great product

There’s only one thing for me to say and that it’s the best product I have bought for my hair I will definitely be buying it again

Hair growth repair

It has been helpful with hair restoration and hair growth by reducing hair fallout. I'm not sure that my hair is any thicker but it is certainly healthier. Maybe now its healthier it might thicken up, I live with the hope that it will.

Great product

It’s lovely shampoo and conditioner, I believed it has slowed hair fall but no new regrowth after 2 bottles of each. I like the product and will continue to use. The conditioner is not easy to squeeze from the bottle and I leave my bottles upside down to help it along. It’s an expensive products bigger bottles may be an option? I would recommend this product.

The best product

I love the shampoo and conditioner I will be re-ordering I wish they had it in bigger bottles

Great product!

Using it for a couple of months now. Very happy. Not losing hair unlike other shampoos. I can recommend this product to anyone who has thin baby fine hair! And I'm not get paid to say this!

Love it!!

Gives my hair so much body and looks thicker and healthy. I have coloured hair and it still keeps the colour .

Great product

I had alopecia and tellogen effiluvium and my hair has grown back and feels thicker pre alopecia. My hair feels in really good condition now and still love using it.

Great Product

My hair feels thicker & softer & I’m not losing so much. Feeling confident using this product & would definitely recommend it!

Excellent product

Shampoo and conditioner does everything as advertised.In just a couple of weeks thicker hair and less hair loss .Very happy will buy again. .