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Whether you’re interested in stimulating hair growth or dealing with hair loss, we’re here to support you. This root-boosting premium derma roller is clinically proven to treat hair loss and stimulate hair growth, especially when used with combination therapy. 


Derma Roller

Medical grade 0.5mm, 540 titanium alloy disk needle roller system (Derma Roller).

 If you are male or female experiencing baldness, thinning hair or alopecia (hair loss), derma rollers can help. Derma rollers are used to increase blood flow to the hair follicles and activate the skin’s natural regeneration process. 

 Micro needling (Derma Roller) triggers your body’s wound healing response. Research studies have shown that wound healing can stimulate the production of proteins that are responsible for the development of new hair follicles. It can stimulate blood circulation and increase nutrients to your hair follicles, resulting in new hair growth.

 Studies show that Derma rollers can also enhance the absorption of topical treatments by bypassing the upper skin layer called the Epidermis. This can improve the effectiveness of our Shampoo and conditioner pack or any other topical treatments you are using. 

The 0.5mm ultra fine needles on our Derma roller provide for minimal discomfort. 



  • Bring lifeless hair back from the dead.
  • Can be used by men and woman.

  • Mild and free of harsh chemicals.

  • Reduces hair loss & Stimulates hair growth.

  • Increase blood flow to the hair follicles.
  • Activate the skin’s natural regeneration process.

Pack includes:

1x HairHack™ 'Derma Roller' Black*

1x HairHack™ Derma Roller Sanitizer



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How To Use




Users Guide.

 1. Ensure that the treatment area is clean, if you have long hair wet your hair before using the Derma roller on your scalp. This will help prevent your hair from getting tangled in the roller.

 2. Begin using the Derma roller at the front of the scalp on or near the hairline and work your way down the back of the head (treating only the areas where hair loss has occurred).

 3. Focusing on one section of the scalp at a time, roll each area 10-12 times. You can do this by rolling horizontally, vertically and diagonally, three or four times each way.

Roll in one direction only when the needles are in contact with the scalp (don’t go backwards and forwards) 

5. Repeat this process until you have covered all areas needing the treatment.

You only need to apply a moderate amount of pressure. Rolling too aggressively won’t give you better results and can cause skin irritation.





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